Why Wellness

The Wellness Committee was inspired by the research showing how important nutrition, exercise, and a balanced lifestyle are for kids. Specifically:

  • There is a direct connection between high sugar foods and inactivity to lowered educational and behavioral performance that can last throughout a lifetime.
  • Many of our students count on meals from ESS ES as their only source of food for the day; these students deserve real, healthy food that nourishes their bodies.
  • Children need support from the school to eat healthy food and make healthy food choices through education and the food that is served. This should start as early as possible.
  • Wellness involves more than nutrition.

We want to continue and expand upon the great wellness-related happenings and resources at ESS ES and in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Join the ESS ES Wellness Committee!



ESS ES Wellness Facts

  • Nearly 60% of ESS ES students qualify for Free and Reduced Meals Program (FARMS)
  • The Town Hall Meeting on Food & Nutrition held on May 6, 2015 at ESS ES provided more information to ESS ES parents about Montgomery County Public Schools Food & Nutrition.
  • ESS ES Panda Club, the run club, and TKPK 5K provide fun ways to get kids moving.
  • ESS ES is a part of the USDA Team Nutrition at the Silver level; there is a banner hanging in the cafeteria.
  • The share table is available for students to place food on that they may not want to eat.  It is then available for other students who may still be hungry. Ask your child about whether or not they take food from the share table. 

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Food & Nutrition Info

  • MCPS has instructed their vending company to begin the removal of marketing messages on vending machine fronts for beverages that are not allowed in daytime sales to bring them into compliance with their own wellness policy.
  • In September, 2014, MCPS announced a new policy prohibiting from future bids for school food the following chemicals in future MCPS food: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), trans fat, Blue 2, Green 3, Red 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Aspartame, Acesulfame-Potassium, Saccharin, Butylated Hydroxyanisol (BHA), Potassium Bromate, Propyl Gallate, Sodium Tripoly Phoshate (STPP), and Tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ).