Junior Chef Competition and Herbs from ESS Garden

This year we are hosting a Junior Chef Competition during the International Night dinner. All ESS kids are invited to participate! The idea is that the kids make a special dish to bring to the International Night dinner where guest judges will sample each dish and give prizes out to the top three recipes. The recipes will also be highlighted in the Wellness Committee newsletter.
If you are interested please return the handout to your child’s homeroom teacher. This handout should have gone home in folders this week but I’ve attached a copy if your child did not receive one. Please be sure to include your child’s name and the list of ingredients on the dish. We will hide the names during the judging.
Thanks to our ESS Garden Coordinator, Marla Nix, any students participating in the Junior Chef Competition during International Night are welcome to select herbs in the ESS Garden. Ms. Nix says there is a lot of thyme, lots of lemon balm, a small amount of chives and some mint. If your junior chefs needs any of those herbs for their dishes for the cooking competition, please let me know and we’ll make sure your student gets the herbs in time for the competition.
Happy Cooking!

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