Eat more Fruits & Veggies

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables each day provides the body with important vitamins, minerals and fiber, things it needs to be healthy and function well. Because health is related to nutrition, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating more fruits and vegetables than any other food group. An easy way to remember this fact is to make half of your plate fruits and vegetables at meals and when having snacks. Every form counts: fresh, frozen, canned (watch for added sugar and salt), and dried (watch for added sugar).

September is an ideal time in our area to eat more produce because it is a time when many fruits and vegetables are available from local farms.  Here is a chart of the produce is available throughout the year in Maryland: .

Below are some ideas from the Wellness Committee to help you and your family enjoy the produce available this month. Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds.

Get inspired:

  • ESS ES has its own fruit and vegetable garden, and butterfly gardens. Check them out the next time you are at the school and see what’s growing. In the past two weeks, the garden group has harvested over 33 pounds of cucumbers, and tomatoes are ripening.

Visit a Farmer’s Market: there are two very close farmer’s market:

Homegrown School Lunch Week September 19-23, 2016:

  • Montgomery County Public Schools will be participating by offering locally grown fruits and vegetables. The following fruits and vegetables might be featured in the ESS ES cafeteria this week:
  • Monday: grape tomatoes, peaches
  • Tuesday: celery sticks, plums
  • Wednesday: broccoli slaw, assorted fruit
  • Thursday: corn, assorted melon
  • Friday: watermelon, assorted greens


  • Challenge yourself and your family to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for 5 days…and build from there


Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Food Groups

Fruits & Veggies More Matters

Choose my Plate




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