Request for Indoor Recess Donations

The ESS PTA Wellness Committee is coming up with ideas for affordable, easy DIY games and activities that Panda families can print/create and donate to the school for use during indoor recess. We’ve found a number1FbHC of great ideas online that mostly consist of paper instructions and minimal supplies. Some things require a little DIY-ing, like some light sewing or cutting up pool noodles. If you’re so inclined, please help with printing, DIY-ing affordable items for donation.

There are some super cheap things the WC found that we could be passing on for use during indoor recess. We will keep a list of items here and will continue to add to the list. Feel free to use the Comment section to add your own ideas.

Spelling Battleship —

Pom Pom Soccer —

Decimal, Percent and Fraction Fun —

Paper Airplanes — 

Lego Game —

Lifesize Tic-Tac-Toe —

Let’s work together to get a big stash of indoor games and activities for the students so when it’s cold, rainy and freezing out there our students have some fun activities to keep them thinking and engaged. 


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